Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dunkirk Reserve!!

Dunkirk Reserve is a cool place to go on a sunny day. It's a place where you can just go and have fun and for the community to come together as one.

Where is Dunkirk Reserve?
Dunkirk Reserve is on 50 Dunkirk Road, Pamure, Auckland 1006. Dunkirk is mainly called Mt. Wellington Memorial Reserve. On the opposite side of Dunkirk is a playground and houses.

Dunkirk Beach
Dunkirk Reserve also has a safe beach. People like to go there for a walk or a swim or to collect shells. Some people just like to go there and fish. Sometimes people just like to take their dogs for a walk there.

Dunkirk Rugby Field
Dunkirk Reserve has a Rugby Club to have prize givings and parties or celebrations.It also has a big wide open field. Numbers of Rugby teams go there to challenge against other teams and have tournaments. People go there to train and exercise or to just have a lovely picnic. many schools go there to play rugby, soccer tournaments or athletics.

Dunkirk Reserve is a very beautiful place in the Tamaki area and a great place for the people to come together as one community. Dunkirk Reserve is a very special place in the Tamaki area and we are very proud we have it.

By Victoria and Tyra

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