Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Internet Cafe

The Tamaki area is filled with many shops and one of them is the Internet Cafe.

Where is the Internet Cafe located?
It is located down Line road, Glen Innes. It is situated between the Mandarin Takeaways and the alley way.

Why do people go there?
People go there to surf the internet and play games. There are many different genres of games to select from, including: shooting and strategy and many others.

General Information:
People of all types come including childeren, teenagers and adults. It also costs $2 per hour and $1 for half-an hour. Its open 12 hours, 7 days a week. Going to the internet cafe gets very addictive so try not to stay more than 2 hours.

The Internet Cafe is special to the Tamaki area because without it people will have no internet access if they do not own a computer.

By Michan and Vandross

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spxroom6 said...

Wonderful information you have there Vandross and Michan.
You have some good words in here and you have illustrated the Internet Cafe very good.

By Milika Taufateau