Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Glen Innes Train Station

One of the types of transport used in the Tamaki area is the Train Station.

Where to find the train station in the Tamaki area:
* Glen Innes - Glen Innes train station is on Apirana Avenue across from the shopping center in
Glen Innes.
* Panmure - The Panmure train staion is found near the K.F.C.
* Sylvia Park - The train station in Sylvia Park is near Hoyts Movie Theatre and on the other side of the carpark.
Where it goes:
The train station in Glen Innes travells from Glen Innes to Manuwera. it also travells to Britomart (Auckland city). there are two tracks on both sides of the train station. One starting from Glen Innes and ending at Manuwera. Also one on the other side starting and ending at Brito-mart (Auckland city.)

At the Glen Innes train station in Glen Innes there is a sheltered area used to keep people safe and dry. The wooden seats are built for people to sit down. there is a map of where the train goes. A timetable of the times the train comes for each destination is placed next to the map. At the train station there is a carpark and the Glen Innes shopping centre is across the road. Stopping the children and adults from going on to the tracks are painted yellow line. the Glen Innes train station is located opposite from the taxi stand and thr bus stop.

The Glen Innes train station is special to the tamaki area because it brings different people to our area and to our community.

By Malia and Viola


pesteam2 said...

Hi Room 6,
We travelled on the train from Papatoetoe to Britomart and our train went on the Eastern line. It has the best view on the train. Keep up the great work

Manaiakalani said...

We think it is great having a train station in GI. My family have been able to travel to University on it every day and they don't get stuck in traffic jams. I agree that it is a real asset to our community.
Mrs Burt