Monday, November 10, 2008

Panmure Yacht Club

There are many places for families to enjoy themselves. One good place for families is the Panmure Yacht Club. It can allow people to launch their big boats out to sea.

What Is The Yacht Club?
The Yacht Club is very safe because it has a very easy access to the life boats in the shed. They also can fix their boats on the dry-dock.

Where Is The Yacht Club?
The Yacht Club is near St Patricks and Panmure bridge school. it is on King's road in the Panmure area. The phone number is 09-5702318. the fax number is 5276397.

What can you do at the Yacht Club?
The sail training is every sunday to friday 10-am to 5-am and only 15 and over are allowed to go. It is a popular place for people to go because you can dive off the bridge into the sea.

The Yacht Club is an interesting place to be in because without it there would not be a place to store your boats.

By Ofa and Michael


pesroom10 said...

Hi Room 6,
That was a great report about the Panmure Yacht Club. Can anyone go there or do you have to be a member?

spxroom6 said...


That was a really interesting report to read, I like the way you presented your report towards the audience.May we see more great reports from you.

From Gloria.

spxroom6 said...

WOW, That was really good telling us about the yact club maybe you could tell us more information about it.

your faithfully

Ember Tanga

spxrooom6 said...


That was awesome. You have some great information about the Panmure Yacht and you sure have a lot of knowledge about it.

tamakaitoday said...

Ofa and Michael.
This is a great idea to share with other people around New Zealand and the world about our special places and special places of interest to people. Fantastic photographs to illustrate your writing and great structure to your recounts and written work.
Well done.
Room Six - Tamaki Intermediate School.