Thursday, November 6, 2008

Glen Innes Shopping Centre

There are alot of places to shop around Tamaki, one of these places is the Glen Innes shopping centre.

The most popular store in the Glen Innes shopping centre for kids is?
The most popular shop for kids in Glen Innes is the Internet Cafe because kids always go there to play games on the computers. The 'Great Tongs' is popular because kids go there to buy chips and chicken from there.

What are some shops around Glen Innes shopping centre?
There are alot of shops in Glen Innes. Some like the 'Great Tongs', Supervalue and Domino's and many more, also plenty of dairy's

What is the biggest shop in the GlenInnes shopping centre
The biggest shop will have to be the most popularshp called 'Pak n Save'. Pak n Save is enormous it is as big as a mall and you can get house needs, drinks and groceries. It is usually always packed.

The Glen Innes shopping centre is important to the Tamaki area because it is a good place to shop, and you dont have to travel very far to get food and supplies.

By Peter and Soane


spxroom6 said...

Wow Ipu and tuitupou thats
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must of put alot of work into it!

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That's an awesome piece of Art work !

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spxroom6 said...

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