Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sylvia Park

There are big things around the tamaki area, but this big mall can be found easily.

What is Sylvia Park?
Sylvia Park is a mall where hundreds of people go to shop for fun. It is also a good place to shop and sell things that are worth your money. Their clothes they sell have good fabric and Sylvia Park is the biggest mall in New Zealand.

What is inside Sylvia Park?
Many people have fun watching and laughing when they go and watch a movie in Hoyts Cinema. Near Hoyts is a large supermarket where everyone shops. They sell many groceries and the supermarket is called Pak'n'Save, Foodtown and New Save. There are many more shops in Sylvia Park. All together there are 206 shops in there.
Where is it?
Sylvia Park is in Mt Wellington near the entry of the Southern Motorway. It is on 286 Mt Wellington Highway. On Mon,Tue,Wed,Sat and Sun Sylvia Park opens at 9am and closes at 6pm, as well as public holidays. On Friday and Thursday it is open from 9am -9pm. It is in Auckland on the Eastside.

The fun Mall is special to the Tamaki area because alot of people shop there and it's the biggest mall in New Zealand.

By Ipu and Tuitupou


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