Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All About Me

My favourite celebrity is Justin Bieber, he is so cute and I love his hair colour. He has such a lovely face and has a nice voice.

My favourite place to go to is going shopping with my parents because they spoil me a lot. I really love eating a lot because that’s my number one thing and I really love running and playing Netball which is my favourite sport.

My saddest moment was in September the 21st because my nana past away I felt so sad and angry because she left us.

My favourite chocolate is black forest and my favourite ice cream is strawberry and also my favourite colour is green.

I love doing art because we always learn new things and do a lot of different things...

1 comment:

Mrs Laing said...

I have certainly learnt a lot about you from this fabulous piece of writing Emelia :)

I love the way you have ordered your thoughts and ideas into paragraphs.

It is very sad when someone close to us passes away. Sometimes we can feel angry too. Those emotions all part of the grieving process. Thank you for sharing those very personal feelings with us Emelia. That is a very courageous thing to do.