Monday, September 6, 2010

Cluster Cross Country

Heart pounding, legs shaking........”Twoooooot” went the whistle as loud as it could blow. I was standing on the starting line and I felt glad to be at the cross country.
Boom, Boom, Boom was the beat of my heart. I could feel it pumping out of my chest. I stopped for a second to catch my breath and then continued on to try and catch up with the person in front of me.
As I ran there was an army of boys racing next to me so I sprinted but they were too fast for me.
Stomp, stomp went my feet as laughter came out because I heard someone say from our school “I need meat!” (obviously Iron Brian’s message the other day got through to them!).
Huffing and puffing I was so tired and I had a sore leg, I had never ever been so tired in my whole life. My stomach was sore and I was nervous that I wouldn’t finish the race.
“Go”, the lady yelled as I speed down the pathway. As I arrived at the finish line I was tired and sweaty.
Proud of ourselves we all had an awesome time and represented the school really well.

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