Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Instructions to Wash Your Hands

Tap , Soap, Water, Towel

Step 1) Turn on the tap, by turning it anti clockwise.
Step 2) Push soap dispenser down on your hand, so the soap can flow
Step 3) Rinse your hands under the water so that when your using the
water the soap can spread out.
Step 4) Grab a towel to dry your hands by rubbing your towel together
with your hands.

Washing hands is good for you because it kills germs, stops you from being dirty, makes you healthy, spreading germs and stops your hands from stinking. Washing your hands is always good because it stops you from getting the flu and swine flu.

1) Do not give children under 4 year old soap, because they might think they can eat it.

2) Do not do it by your self the first time, do it with an adult, eldest brother or sister.

3) Do not pick up rubbish and then eat, remember to always wash your hands after you pick up rubbish.

4) Wash your hands before you eat your dinner.


Miss G said...

This is a good set of instructions Ilaisaane. What a great idea to have some warnings in your piece of writing so that you can warn your audience about the importance of washing their hands. Some good use of verbs too. Well done. Keep up the good writing. I wonder what other sorts of instructions you could write about?
Miss G :-)

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Ilaisaane

I can see by the clear way you have set out your instructions step by step that you understand the importance of writing things down in the order they need to happen.

I also really like the way you have written a conclusion that helps us to understand why it is so important to wash our hands.

I'm looking foward to reading some more of your writing on the blog :)