Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheesey Toasted Sandwich

Bread, Butter, Cheese

Plate, Knife, Sandwich Press, Grater

First you turn on the cheese toaster.
Second you get two pieces of bread.
Spread butter onto the pieces of bread.
Sprinkle cheese in between the two pieces of bread.
Put the bread in the toaster and wait for it go brown and crispy.


Miss G said...

This is great Zephaniah, I love to see you completing your writing and showing all the parts that we have concentrated on during our writing talks. You have used some great verbs at the beginning of your sentences in your Method. Well done, keep it up.
Miss G :-)

Miss Walker said...

Hi Zephanianh. This sounds delicious. I am going to follow your instructions this morning and make this for my Saturday breakfast. I really like the way you are working hard on your writing.

Mrs Laing said...

I love reading your writing on the blog Zephaniah :)

I can see from the way you have set out your recipe that you understand the importance of writing down all the steps in order when you are telling us about a process like cooking cheesey toasted sandwiches!

I must admit that reading your recipe just before lunch has made me very hungry :)

I check the blog every week Zephaniah and I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.