Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Mufti Day

On a nice hot, sunny, wonderful day the whole school was wearing mufti because Saint Pius X was raising lots and lots of money for kids who have heart problems.

When the school was ready to go into the tennis court to do their jump jam we started with Room one and finished with Room seven.

We had to practise over and over again so that it would be perfect on the real day.
At the end I felt very happy because we had done such an awesome job and the teachers were so proud of their classes.


Miss G said...

This was a great day Macjeva. You have shared your experience well with your audience and I'm really pleased to see you starting to use paragraphing to help your audience understand each of your ideas. Keep up the good writing and the focus on your structure of your writing.
Miss G :-)

Mrs Laing said...

What a wonderful recount of the Jump for Heart mufti day Macjeva!

I really enjoyed reading it. You have organised your thoughts into paragraphs and have used a variety of words to start each of your sentences.

Thank you also for sharing with us how you felt about the day. That adds interest and makes it fun to read.

I'm sure the teachers were all proud of their classes. You all did a great job with your Jump Jam performances!

I will be keeping a close eye on the blog for more of your writing :)

Julia said...

very good macjeva, I like the way you put in your feelings keep up the good work.

from Julia