Thursday, September 9, 2010

Iron Brian BBQ Road Show

“10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1!” the whole school and I shouted from 10-1 backwards. The music went on like a rocket. I.B jumped out of the door like a frog.
Today was the I.B show, that teaches us what’s healthy for us that keeps us filled with energy, and what’s healthy for our body. Also to eat fruits and veggies like 5 plus a day.

“Who wants to play games?” yelled I.B and Sarah. We all put our hands up in the air. There were three games to play the last was I.B’s favourite was a Boogie dance game. I put my hand up high and Miss G picked me and Phoenix to go up and dance.

The music started playing. I was doing funky moves like I had heaps and heaps of energy. The music stopped, I didn’t win but I got a Beef-plus Lamp band for me and the others that tried their best. But the winner who really desired it was Tokilupe and she won a hat.

We had a dance with the whole school. I.B split it into two groups. We shouted out loud “Whoo! Ha! Who-ha!” The other team won so they got to go first and get their own healthy delicious burgers. So we all waited patiently. We said Thank you to I.B, Sarah and the other helpers to.

Congratulations to those who got fantastic prizes from the Iron Brian Road Show.

Well done :-)

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Lavinia said...

Hi Fetui
I loved reading your recount, I really enjoyed reading your hook. I hope I see more of your recount's very soon.