Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bit Of Eclipse

During our dance time today we put together a dance routine to Miss G's favourite 'Muse' song. We worked together as a whole class and in groups. It was a lot of fun but a bit tough with the time constraints. Not polished at all but here is what we got done in an 45 minutes.


Miss Walker said...

Wow, another impressive dance post. I really like the way you have a time limit to stick to and you must all work together really well to come up with the dance in 45 minutes.
Great team work. I like the variety of movements.
Can't wait until the next post.

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Room 6

Another great piece of dancing :)

A fabulous piece of music and very effective for what you were doing.

Emmanuel, Robbie, Agnes and Dorothy. I love your energy and the way you all moved to the music so well.

A'Leina, Anasitasia, Saane and Sia. You worked well with different levels of dance and I loved the unique and fluid movements you created.

Siliva, Zeph, Daniel and Mac. I like the way you worked in pairs to mirror each other to create shapes and I loved how you incorporated some Haka into your dance. Very Kiwi!!

Phoenix, Angelica, Ofa, Lavinia. You worked really well as a team. I loved the way you all did something individually and then moved down a level in order to put the "spotlight" on the next person in line.

Wonderful work all of you. I'm sure Miss G is enjoying seeing how you all work with dance so successfully. You are all very talented people.

I'm looking foward to more!! :)

nita said...

that was soo good!!!

keep it up!!!!

by nita

Chris Va'afusuaga said...

That looked like heaps of fun and it was also very entertaining! Very creative:)