Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Powerful Panther

Panthers are strong animals that live in the forest.
This is what they do.... They are fast and they hunt for their prey. Some of them eat meat and some of them eat fruit.
Panthers look like a leopard and they live mostly in Asia and Africa, sometimes they live in a cave and the rainforest.
Panthers are black, some of them are white and they have furry coats. They have sharp teeth and they do not like other animals like lions and leopards.


Miss Walker said...

Wow Sione, Great writing. I learnt alot about panthers by reading this. I really liked your introduction, it really made me want to read on. Keep up the good work. What will be next? I can't wait.

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Sione

I really enjoy reading your writing on this blog. I know how much effort you put in to your work :)

I think you have done some great research. Like Miss Walker, I have found out much more about panthers after reading this. They do sound like very strong animals!

I'm looking forward to reading more :)