Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Master Panther

Panther's can be white and black, they have a furry coat and two sharp fangs. Their habitat is in North America, Africa,and Asia. They are fast and strong, they are good at hunting their prey. They eat meat or big pigs, mammals, flying birds, clawing reptilles and walking deer.


Anonymous said...

Hi it Saitia and Akram from Tamaki Intermediate we just want to say this was some awosome writeing you guys and keep it up

Genevieve Ata said...

Inever knew that much about panthers until now.

Genevieve Ata from Tamaki Intermediate

Agnes said...

that story had alot of information and i hope thats lots of information for the people in the world who are studying 'The Master Panther' that was great keep your descripive writing up .

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, This writing helps me understand more about panthers.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great piece of descriptive writing Phoenix. I am pleased to see you writing so well this year. Make sure that when you are writing about something that you put your ideas into paragraphs rather than just one big piece of writing.
Miss G

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoenix, this is a very interesting story about Panthers. I never knew Panthers lived in so many places all over the world.

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Phoenix

I am so happy to see some of your writing on the blog :)

I didn't realise that panthers lived in so many places in the world! You have described the panthers' prey in really interesting ways.

Like Miss G, I'd really like to see you organise your thoughts into paragraphs. Doing that makes it easier for us (your audience) to read. Mind maps can be a big help with organising your ideas.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of your writing Phoenix. Keep up the great work :)