Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of 2010

On Tuesday the 2nd of February. It was a lovely sunny hot day, it happened at St Pius X School. Students, parents, babies, teachers, audience, new students and the principal were there. They were nervous and shy.
I am a year 6 so I am in Mrs Gleeson’s class, room 6. we went to class and sat on the mat and Miss G told us that we could choose where to sit and it was only girls at our table. It was A’leina, Jorina, Anasitasia, Sia and Robertanna. We all sat together and Miss G gave us a blue homework book. We wrote inside our blue homework book about three thing’s.......favourite subject, outside of school and wishes for 2010 and I finished on time because I stayed focussed.
When we finished, we went on to our writing and we had to write about when we started school. I’m looking forward my life here in room 6. I had fun on my first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Well done Ilaisaane I like the way you expressed your feelings

spx Rm7 said...

graHay Ilaisaane, It was great that you enjoyed your first day of 2010.

Next time you could try to read your story clearly so it makes sense

keep up the hard work that you are putting in to your writting.

Justice Teinakore & Rachael Moaga:)

Spx Rm7 said...

Hay sorry about the spelling it was Rachael you know her :0

Spx Rm7 said...

Hay Girl, sorry about the spelling, you know me. :)

Love Rachael Moaga

Rachael said...

Sorry Illaisaane,

I liked your recount, it must of been really nerve wrecking for your first day.

Keep on writing great recounts.

This is my own comment, and that comment that was from me and Justice, was from herself.


Mrs Laing said...

Hi Saane

Everyone can feel nervous and shy sometimes, especially at the beginning of the year when we have to move into new classrooms. It doesn't take long to settle in though does it :)

This is a nice recollection of your first day in Room 6. It was great that you stayed focussed on your work and that you had such a wonderfully positive attitude towards the year ahead and here we are now almost mid way through term 3 now!