Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Duffy Show

Suddenly the loud bell rang and everyone rushed to the hall like wild animals because there was an amazing show happening. Suddenly out of the blue we heard Duffy say “Hello guys” with excitement. The show started.

The actors were Duffy, Chanel and Tones. Next Maata went up and spun the wheel. The number was number five which was Nurse and Doctor. Fetuli kindly went up and acted as a patient. She lay down on the big brown box with a comfortable cushion and a warm blanket. Fetuli was having surgery on her brain. Out popped Tongs to cut Fetuli’s head and Fetuli was kicking her legs and screaming with pain and it looks so real. Fetuli was a very good actor.

Next Siliva came up with excitement to spin the wheel and the number was nine and it was sport star. Duffy, Chanel and Tones were playing ping pong and Duffy was running around like crazy and I was turning around my head and it was making me a bit dizzy. It was so funny and fun to watch at the same time.

Next Motu went up and spun the wheel and it was number one and it was chef. They opened the big box and started to cook. Mmmm, it looks so yummy to eat up.

Boohoo! It was time for them to leave and it was time to head home.

My highlight was when they were playing Ping Pong and Duffy was running around like crazy.

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Mrs Laing said...

Hi Tokilupe

What an amazing recount of your Duffy Show memories! I love your descriptive language, especially the way you described the way everyone ran to the hall "like wild animals". They must have been very excited to see the show!

Your recount is fun to read becuase of the interesting way you have described what you saw and also because you have shared how you felt too.

Thank you for posting this here for us to read. I am really looking forward to more! :)