Monday, August 30, 2010

Making a Cheese Toasted Sandwich.

Ingredients - bread, butter and cheese.

Equipment - plate, knife, sand which presser, grater.

1. Turn on the Sandwich Press.
2. Grab two slices of bread.
3. Spread butter on both pieces of bread.
4. Face the butter side on the hot-plate.
5. Sprinkle cheese onto the bread.
6. Put the other slice of bread on top of the cheese with butter side out.
7. Wait for sandwich to be ready.
8. Grab your bread from the toaster.
9. Turn off toaster.
10. Enjoy.


Miss Walker said...

Hi I am reading this at 4.40 and it is making me very hungry. It sounds delicious. I think I will pop home now and follow your instructions.

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Joseth

You have written a detailed and easy to follow recipe :)

I think instruction number 10 is my favourite because I really do enjoy eating cheese toasted sandwiches!

I'm looking foward to more of your writing appearing on the blog :)