Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Mini Music Video

We had 30 minutes to practise our rhythm work. We used that time trying to work with the rhythm of a favourite song. We struggled a lot at first and didn't get it totally perfect, but we didn't do to badly! Here's one of the takes that we did......



Miss Walker said...

I was just asking this morning about when would your next music movie would be and here it is. I am really enjoying them. It was really interesting the way you used the text, words, especially the ones that were designed well, that you could read and at the same time looked funky.
What will be next?

Angelica said...

Well done room6.....
I sure think that was really hard to do, especially the part when the music goes faster. Another thing is that you's had only 30 minutes to practice and I hope to see more.....

Show me more...rm6


Mrs Laing said...

Hello everyone :)

Yet again the children in Room 6 WOW me with their skills!

I can see how you are trying lots of different ways of making movies and if I may say so.....you are amazing effective!

As Miss Walker said, some of the lettering was easier to read than others but I know that you will have worked that out for yourselves ;)

To get the timing so right with the words on the table, is hard work and need good attention to detail, so you should all be very proud of yourselves.

I am waiting with 'baited breath' for more!!!

SPX - Room 7 said...

shandazHey Room 6,
I love the music, you guys did great keeping up to such a hard beat.I especially love the wording parts.
Great work. I want to see more.


SPX - Room 7 said...

hello room 6,
I really enjoyed watching your movie you guys come up with awesome ideas,like how you set out the lyrics on paper. Maybe next time check your spelling (stonger)
Keep up with the awesome movies.

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

You Rock Room 6 I love it! Great rhythm, and in such a short timeframe...
I'll be watching out for the next one.
Mrs Nua

Lenligh Anae said...

I liked it how you guys put the words in one by one I really liked it. That was cool.