Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Virtue Assembly

In St Pius X Room 6 had a virtue assembly. Soon when the bell went everybody was so nervous and scared too. First Room 6 started off with 30 minutes with Room 6 like 60 minutes from T.V. We saw Fetuli she was awesome with her speech with good, clear talk so she told Lily to start off the prayer and everybody had to do the sign of the cross. After the sign of the cross Room 6 did mini-plays to show responsibility.

One of our plays was playing safe, being ready for school and picking up rubbish. Straight after our play Emmanuel said a speech for Mr Coakley to come up and hand out the certificates.

Finally when Mr Coakley finished handing out the certificate’s Mrs Pole came and gave out the Caught Being Good’s and Teransis had 3 of them, he was a good boy. We sang the virtue song and all the classes went to there classrooms, thinking about the virtue of responsibility.


Robertanna said...

WOW A'leina that was a cool as recount

good job


Mrs Laing said...

Hi A'Leina

I love the way you have written about feelings and emotions in your recount of the Room 6 Virtues Assembly. That makes it interesting & fun to read.

You have used lots of different words when you start each of your sentences, which is another way to add interest to your writing. I also like the way you have organised your writing into paragraphs :)

I am really impressed with the way your writing has improved since you first started publishing on to the blog A'Leina. I can tell you are working really hard. I am looking forward to reading more!!