Monday, July 26, 2010

98.6 G.I. Radio

In Music class we have been discussing presentation of music and how radio DJ's do their job. Here is what we came up with for our radio station.......


Latai said...

Great work girls,
I loved listening to your station, its awesome that you get to show what you can do with the radio.
Keep up the great work.

Rachael said...

Guys that was great. I liked it when you used your words with expression. Keep up the great work.

spxroom7 said...

Fantastic guys! What a lovely radio station.Trutti frutti was a my Jam when I was young. I liked the way yous all spoke with expression. A tip for next time, Emelia and Agnes, try and speak a bit louder into the mic, and don't sound so sad.

Until your next post, keep up the fabulous work. Chao, sayonara.

Moli, Maia, and Grace

Anonymous said...

Nice work, I like the way you pushed your voice out to make you sound louder.

Francis said...

nice radio station that was.

Spx room7 said...

Hay guys, good work.

we really loved listening to your station, some day you might get a station of your own.
Keep it up okay guys.

Justice & Seini Moala

Mrs Laing said...

Hi Waterlily, Emelia and Agnes

I loved listening to 98.6 G.I Radio!

I thought you all spoke with clear confident voices. I did find the volume level was very different between the music and your voices but I know that you will have recognised that and will learn from this experience :)

Fabulous work girls!!

Miss Walker said...

Hi Great work girls. I think you sound soooo professional. I think radio stations will be checking this out.