Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Holidays

In the holidays my first cousins came from overseas. I ran up to them like I was hugging a huge, fluffy teddy bear.

First the boys Taani and Ezra wanted to play “wii” and the girls went to the park and played with some other girls. Next my Nana was going outside to go to the shops and we went with her.

Later on we went to the $2 shop and we were only allowed 1 thing. After that we all walked over to Mc D’s and the girls had ice-creams and the boys had frozen coke and frozen fanta.

Soon after we walked to the park to play and my nana walked back home with Mya, while all of us stayed at the park for 10 mins and then we went back home.

Finally we played a few more games of “wii” and my cousins went home. Eventually I went to bed and had a comfortable sleep.

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Mrs Laing said...

You have made your recount interesting to read by working hard to make sure that each of your sentences started with a different word :)

Another way to make your writing fun to read is by describing how you feel about what is happening. It helps us (the readers) to share in the emotions of the situation.

I would love to read more of your writing on the blog. It sounds like you had a fun time with your cousins! Thanks for sharing this with us :)