Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jorina's Reflection

This is a reflection of my favourite thing from Term 2.


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Jorina, I have enjoyed your reflection - it was very touching to hear that your Mum is your hero. All the best for Term 3.
Mrs Burt

Mrs Laing said...

You spoke clearly and confidently during your reflection. I enjoyed the way you thanked us for listening too!
I agree with Mrs Burt; it is lovely that you chose you Mum as your hero :)
By choosing to make your broder very colourful, you have given it a 'point of difference' and I'm sure it looks great on the wall.
Thank you for sharing your favourite part of Term 2 with us.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jorina,
I really enjoyed listening to your reflection. You spoke very clearly and I love that you drew your mom as your hero. I teach 4th grade students in NYC and they also love doing art. I wish you showed the drawing that you made on your blog so I could see it, but I'm sure it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
-Jenny B.

helen said...

hi jorina

i was just looking at your blog and loved reading what you been writing, keep up the good work sweety and keep up the good work,

luv ya
unty helen

Anonymous said...

hey Jorina ,
i like the way you spoke with expression and the way you smiled throughout your video .

from your Cousin (favourite)
haha tyra .