Friday, July 9, 2010

Catholic Schools Day

On a rainy morning I went to school with a huge smile on my face, because it was Catholic School's day. When it was 10:00 o’clock all the classes had to go to the hall. When we were finished at the hall we all went to the bus.

After we got there we were all excited and we had to line up outside St Marks church. Straight after we lined up we went into the church. Suddenly the people at the back of the church were ready for the mass. When the mass was almost finished St Pius X choir sang 'Ipharadisi', until it was finished.

Straight after mass we all went to separate classes, I was in room 1. When our lunch arrived I shared my lunch with Ondre. After that it was time to go back to school. When it was time to line up to go to the bus we all had to run to the bus with rain coming down on us. When every one was on the bus we went back to school happy.

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Mrs Laing said...

Your first sentence grabbed my attention and set the scene very well for your recount of Catholic School's Day :)
To add interest to your next piece of writing, you could try to alter the beginning of each sentence so that they all start with different words. You can do this as you write but sometimes it is easier to do during re-crafting. It may mean changing whole sentences around but that is all part of the fun of re-crafting!
Thank you for publishing your writing on to the blog Joseth. I look forward to reading more :)