Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jumping For Heart

On Thursday 11th of May we did Jump For Heart for the Heart Foundation to fix babies hearts.

We all wore mufti to raise money for Jump For Heart. The whole school was lining up to go to the courts. After that we did our items. The juniors did, 'kiss kiss kiss' and 'the lion sleeps tonight'. Our class did the 'Bongo Song'; it was so awesome and great.

At the end I felt excited because my heart was pumping.


Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Ondre,
What a neat idea to raise money for a great cause and an even better that it was a lot of FUN!! Were you tired after you finished skipping?

Mrs Laing said...

I really enjoyed reading your recount of the Jump for Heart Day :) All of your sentences were well thought out and each one started with a different word, which made it interesting to read. You let us (your audience) know how you felt too, which helped us share your excitement and makes your writing fun to read.

I would love to read more of your writing here on the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Ondre i relly liked your story you thought of your sentence's really had and i hope you have a good life in the future kep the good work up.