Monday, July 5, 2010

My Holiday Off!

On Monday I had my holiday off, I went to my Nana’s house. In the afternoon I watched TV waiting for the clock to strike 4:00 clock, because we were going to church to do some dances for the meeting at our church. We danced till the clock strock 6:00 clock. We waited and waited until we finished dancing. We had a time out for dancing and after that the boys were playing rugby. Some of the boys were inside helping the doing the cups, plates, and glasses. Finally we finished and we ate sandwich's, pizza and panikeke and drank some tea and cocoa.

After we had eaten we locked the church and every body talked and talked until we were tired and we went home.


Mrs Laing said...

In your story, you have used words (like "On Monday", "4 o'clock", "finally" and "after") that clearly tell us the order in which things happened on your Monday holiday :)
Dancing, playing rugby, eating together and talking, all sound like fun things to do. I would love to know how you felt about it all. When you write about your feelings in a recount, it makes it really fun to read!
Your last paragraph brings your story together and is a great conclusion.
Thanks for sharing your writing on the blog A'Leina. I look forward to reading more :)

Manaiakalani said...

Hi A'Leina, I enjoyed reading your story. It made me smile when you had dancing and rugby at the same event - that is such a kiwi thing to do :)
Mrs Burt