Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Lady Gaga Choreography

We have started this term doing some dance. We were given 15 minutes to choreograph a short routine to a snippet of Lady Gaga music. We had to ensure that we took careful notice of incorporating shape and timing. This is how we did.........


Miss Walker said...

Room 6, This is a fantastic post to watch at the end of a long day. I was feeling very tired and then I
watched this and it made me smile , really smile.
Great idea. I bet you had heaps of fun doing this.

Maggie MacCauley said...

It looks great to see our precious angels having fun and learning at the same time. Keep up the Great work! :)

Mrs Laing said...

Wow! The Year 6 students in Room 6 are amazing! I am so impressed with what you have achieved in 15 minutes. It was so enjoyable, I watched it over & over again last night :) :)

It looked like such a great learning experience, I would love to find out what you all thought of the process. Each group worked with the same music and were filmed in the same place but you were all unique in your approach to the task. I am looking forward to seeing more and hopefully reading or watching your reflections.

In school, we learn about dance for lots of reasons. You will learn to work co-operatively with others. You're able explore ideas and create movement by using your bodies in new and different ways. Sometimes you will need to take risks and move outside of what you know and are comfortable with.

You looked like you did all of that AND had heaps of fun! Isn't it wonderful that Lavinia and Ofa were able to capture your learning on camera AND that you have this blog to share it with the world.

Well done everyone :)

Howard F said...

Hi Room 6

I like your awesome dance competition it was fantastic it was good I think lady gaga is proud of you guys.

panmure bridge school

From Howard

Daniel and Francis said...

that was a great performance coming from you's

Edwidge Clerie said...

Room 6, this video posting was great! I am a choreographer myself, part time. I love it when students use their talents and bring them into the classroom. All of you are very talented dancers, I must say. I might even borrow some of your moves, with your permission. You all worked well together and I can only imagine what fun you guys have inc class doing other projects. Keep up the creativity! It makes learning fun!-NYC 4th grade teacher

ashfaque said...

Its a great job done Carry it on.

Super Learners said...

WOW! we are both speechless. You guys have got alot of talent. You all should be on New Zealands hottest dance crews. My favourite dance was Siliva's group & Mac's group. You were both awesome. Keep up the great work!

Hifo & Moli.

Seini.M. and Rachael said...

Hey guys, That was awesome. We loved the moves you guys created. I hope to see more dance moves from you. Were sure Lady Gaga would like to see your movie.

Seini.M. and Rachael

Latai said...

Awesome choreography. I especially like the part when you guys actually looked like professionals.
Lady Gaga would be proud of you guys

www.spxroom7wordscraft.blogspot.com said...

Awsome choreography Guys!

You are very good dancers and could be professionals.

It was very entertaining and it Put a smile on our faces.

Well done and hopefully you guys will do a choreography to Justin bieber.

So keep it coming and hope to see more fun entertaining work from you guys

From Melissa, Justice and Seini Siale