Monday, July 26, 2010

Sores Poem

I have a sore,
Cause I fell on the floor.

Itching and rubbing,
Scratching and scabbing.

I fell so hard,
That there was dripping blood.

Itching and rubbing,
Scratching and scabbing.


room7 said...

Like the poem guys,
we like the way you express your feelings of being itchy.
Keep up the good work.

Sepa and Shaianne

Agnes said...

hey love your poem great words you used keep it up loving it.


Nita said...

love the poem!!

miss uz all!!!

keep up the great work!!!

Mrs Laing said...

Fabulous word choices everyone! I agree with Sepa and Shaianne, the way you have described your itchiness is great (and totally gross)!!

Wonderful work, keep it up. I am really loving reading all of the poetry :)

Anonymous said...

what a good poem,I can see you becoming a good poet in the future.
Malia Siale